This Blog Is Moving!!!


The current XY Feminist site will close down on January 19, 2017.

In light of the upcoming Trumpster Fire on January 20, I will be rebuilding my blogs  and Twitter feeds in a far more secure and anonymous format.

My new website will be: Feminism in Space

Why? Because I am passionate about feminism and space, and I have some ideas for the site that I think will work quite well.

All content here is being archived before deletion on 1/19/2017, and will be moved to the new site as soon as possible.

Please update your bookmarks.



Can Men Be Feminists?

“After careful consideration, I have concluded that I am not only an expert on feminism, but arguably one of the greatest feminists that has ever lived.”
~The Male Blogosphere

Can men be feminists?

This is the point where your typical leftist male blogger dives into a narcissistic soliloquy of pervy self-exposition, lame excuses for past predatory behavior, pleas for absolution masked as self-discovery, and thinly-veiled demands for praise and cookies.

Fuck that noise. I can’t say “I” and “me” that many times without needing a shower anyway.

Unlike other male bloggers, this is a question that I take very seriously. It is also a question that I do not have the right to answer.

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This Thanksgiving, Don’t Feed The Trump Assholes

It doesn’t matter if they’re family or ancient friends. It doesn’t matter if they can successfully stifle their utter contempt of you through an entire meal. This Thanksgiving, don’t feed your uncompromising, hate-spewing Trump supporters!

You’re gonna hear the refrain throughout the press: tis the season for you (not them of course, they have talking points for you!) to “heal the divide”. Even liberals will be telling you that family comes before civil rights, or that it’s your responsibility (and not that of the biased and broken press) to somehow deprogram your relatives who have embraced hatred over reason. Hell, some will even tell you to just shut up altogether and keep the drinks flowing to your most bigoted relations.

They’re all being disingenuous, to themselves and to you.

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The 2016 Election is a Roll Call for Women-Haters

The 2016 presidential election is not just a referendum on gender or male-entitlement, but on women’s very humanity.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
– Voltaire

Pollsters and scientists may dither forever on whether sexism matters while they blithely underestimate misogynist sentiments of the US, and there’s no shortage of (mostly male) reporters who will come up with all sorts of bullishit reasons to blame everything but sexism for the trouble that women face.

But mark my words, the presidential election of 2016 will finally remove all doubt.

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It’s 2016, and Halloween Still Hates Women

The Halloween Commercial Industrial Complex hates women: It hyper-sexualizes young women and girls. It aggressively pushes porn aesthetics in an effort to limit women’s creativity.  It encourages women’s objectification and sexual harassment. It loathes transwomen and celebrates anorexia.

And 2016 is no different.

This year’s target for sexist Halloween shit is of course the new Ghostbusters movie, and all the misogyny that followed it.

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Caucuses Disenfranchise Women and Minority Voters

We’re sorry, but you are not allowed to use a voting booth this year. Instead, we’re gonna stuff you in a gymnasium for several unpaid hours while people shout at each other, until the most fanatical voices win.

We also regret to inform you that we’ve done away with secret ballots. Instead, you’re gonna have to voice your support for your candidate in front of a room full of agitated strangers. Pay no attention to the violence and death threats at other caucuses or the publicly released hit lists of party delegates that included their home addresses. I’m sure that 100% of your neighbors are wonderful, non-violent people, even that big guy in the back of the room with the aviator shades and racist t-shirt.


If the scenario above does NOT make you cringe or flash back to stories of caucus-related stalking, then congratulations: you’re probably a white man.

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Presidential Election Polls Marginalize Women

A few election cycles back, a close relative of mine received a call from a prominent polling firm. When she answered the phone, the pollster on the other end of the line introduced himself and then asked, “Is the man of the house at home?”. My relative said no, at which point the pollster thanked her for her time…and hung up.

Historically, U.S. election polls have consistently underrepresented female candidates for office:

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