Welcome to the new home of The Masculine Mystique!


“The Masculine Mystique” is now called “XY Feminist”. I’ll be blogging here on an irregular basis, or contributing to one of my other related projects:

  • The List of Male Privileges – The project that started this whole blog. This list serves as the summary / table of contents for the majority of this blog.
  • Feminist Game Reviews – There’s a ton of sexist and misogynist video games out there, as Feminist Frequency has shown in her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series. So I’m posting reviews for the rare games where you don’t get stuck playing  sexist stereotypes, and where the female characters are not degraded or assaulted. Submissions are also welcome!
  • The Arrow – A blog covering my first attempt to write a radical feminist science fiction novel. I’m looking for suggestions and feedback from anyone interested in the project, so I will be tossing out my ideas about sci-fi and occasionally posting drafts as well.
  • Ad-response stickers – An old project from my college years. After some particularly misogynistic ads went up in a nearby subway station, I made these nifty little stickers so that people could make their objections to the ads known. Unfortunately, this shit happens all the time, so I’ve kept the stickers online (sold at cost) for anyone else who wants them.
  • Goodreads – Where I post some of the great books that I have read, and occasional reviews of them as well!

I hope you find something useful here, and comments are always welcome.

Caucuses Disenfranchise Women and Minority Voters

We’re sorry, but you are not allowed to use a voting booth this year. Instead, we’re gonna stuff you in a gymnasium for several unpaid hours while people shout at each other, until the most fanatical voices win.

We also regret to inform you that we’ve done away with secret ballots. Instead, you’re gonna have to voice your support for your candidate in front of a room full of agitated strangers. Pay no attention to the violence and death threats at other caucuses or the publicly released hit lists of party delegates that included their home addresses. I’m sure that 100% of your neighbors are wonderful, non-violent people, even that big guy in the back of the room with the aviator shades and racist t-shirt.


If the scenario above does NOT make you cringe or flash back to stories of caucus-related stalking, then congratulations: you’re probably a white man.

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Presidential Election Polls Marginalize Women

A few election cycles back, a close relative of mine received a call from a prominent polling firm. When she answered the phone, the pollster on the other end of the line introduced himself and then asked, “Is the man of the house at home?”. My relative said no, at which point the pollster thanked her for her time…and hung up.

Historically, U.S. election polls have consistently underrepresented female candidates for office:

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When “sex-pos” feminism is dangerous:

[Content Warning: Rape]

~By Anonymous

“This is why radical feminism, and delivering a radical message to young women, is so important. There are young women out there who are like how I used to be: vulnerable, insecure, self-loathing. The patriarchy tells women their worth is contingent on how fuckable men view them; liberal feminism, in its desperate attempts to create an identity for itself that contrasts against the “prudish, anti-sex” radical feminism, tells women to go for it. I felt like it was the only way I could be feminist. For so many women, sex positivity is the compulsory option. And within sex positive, liberal feminism, there is little room for dissent. Question whether promiscuity is healthy in a patriarchy? Slut shamer. Ask why men would get off on a woman’s abuse? Kink shamer. Is it any wonder that so many young women, socialised to put others before them, socialised to think they’re always wrong, don’t argue back?”

“It is often said that radical feminism is about destroying the patriarchy, while liberal feminism is about navigating the patriarchy. While I used to take this to be true, I now feel this is too charitable to liberal feminism. If it’s supposed to be a navigation, it isn’t working. I left liberal feminism utterly lost. It wasn’t until I found radical feminism that I realised both my way and my worth. Radical women must continue to have a voice despite the overwhelming opposition. After all, there are women out there right now being told the same message I was told: to fuck for their empowerment, rather than think their way to it.”

Read the full post at: Confessions of a former liberal feminist

How My Blog Works.

So I’ve completed a (relatively unscientific) traffic analysis of my blog, and have finally determined where the majority of my trolling Internet commenters were coming from. The process goes something like this:

  1. Dude harasses Sea Lions a random woman online (on Twitter, on Facebook, in comment sections, etc.).
  2. Said woman politely explains to dude that he is being an overprivileged douchebag.
  3. Dude responds with indignation and blanket, baseless rants about how “men are the real victims”.1
  4. Woman drops several precision-guided truth bombs.
  5. Dude ignores facts, continues to talk about men.
  6. Woman gives up, sends dude link to my List of Male Privileges. Further dude comments are only replied to with numbers2 referencing the current privilege that he is violating.
  7. Curious dude follows link, is immediately horrified. Stampedes to comment box at bottom of the list only to find it closed!3
  8. Woman goes back to doing useful things.
  9. After a half-hour, dude finally finds working comment box on another page of my site.4
  10. Furious typing ensues. Followed by whining to fellow MRAs on 4chan, Reddit, Facebook, etc.
  11. Dude comment, being over 500 words long, is auto-shitcanned by my comment moderation system.
  12. Profit?

I haven’t even finished many of the detailed posts and evidence for my Male Privilege List yet, but already this blog has been a complete success.

Long term, I plan on making this site into a repository on male privilege, with a detailed analysis of each privilege and its harms.

But in the meantime, if this site can serve as a place for women to eject the gaslighting douchebags that follow them around online, then it was worth it.

Thank you for making it all worthwhile!



1. Feminist Illuminati Forever!

2. Please note that the Male Privilege List gets added to and updated often, and so the numbers for a given privilege may change over time. However, pages set up for a specific privilege will not change.

3. What a horrific violation of douchebag rights!

4. The smart ones find the Male Privilege FAQ page that I specifically set up for comments and linked to twice on the Male Privilege List.
Most don’t.